Ukraine’s deputy prime minister and minister for digital transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, announced the creation of a volunteer cyber army on February 26 through the launch of a Telegram channel. More than 175,000 people have subscribed to the Telegram channel so far. The channel’s administrators have asked subscribers to launch distributed denial-of-service attacks against more than 25 Russian websites in response to Russian cyberattacks. The cyber risk has been great for Ukrainian government that it has had to officially enlisted 31 cyber security experts to help aid in protecting its telecommunication network infrastructure and to retaliate against potential threat cyberattacks trying to gain any type of network access. A former Ukrainian official says it is a way for Ukraine to hit back against Russia’s cyber-attack assaults from previous years. Russia has attacked Ukrainian banks, telecommunication network infrastructure, industrial controls, and power grids through custom zero day vulnerabilities and malware it’s developed.

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How Blacksite ZTNA Can Help Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats

The first step in protecting your company against cyber threats is to make sure you have a solid cybersecurity plan. A cybersecurity plan helps you make sure that your company has the proper safeguards in place to protect your business. Expert security company Blacksite can help you with all your cybersecurity needs. At Blacksite we can help your company develop a cybersecurity plan that is tailored to your business needs. Blacksite implements the latest ZTNA technology to keep your business apps, data, and services safe from prying eyes and potential cybersecurity threats that you might experience in the future. Blacksite specializes in providing cybersecurity solutions in data protection, risk management, encryption, cyber security strategy, and cyber security education at an affordable price to accommodate your business whether it’s a small family owned to that of the size of a fortune 500.

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