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Apple Execs Chose to Keep a Hack of 128 Million iPhones Quiet

Emails from the Epic Games lawsuit show Apple brass discussing how to handle a 2015 iOS hack. The company never directly notified affected users. In September 2015, Apple managers had a dilemma on their hands: Should or should they not notify 128 million iPhone users of what remains the worst mass iOS compromise on record? … Read more

US cracks down on ‘bulletproof hosting’ admins that enabled malware attacks

Four individuals face up to 20 years for providing a “safe haven” to cybercriminals. Four individuals behind a “bulletproof hosting” site have pleaded guilty to US racketeering charges, the Department of Justice (DoJ) has announced. The service, designed to accommodate criminal activities and help clients evade detection, was founded by Russians Aleksandr Grichishkin and Andrei Skvortsov. … Read more

Cybersecurity warning: Russian hackers are targeting these vulnerabilities, so patch now

Cybersecurity warning: Russian hackers are targeting these vulnerabilities, so patch now Russian cyberattacks are being deployed with new techniques – including exploiting vulnerabilities like the recent Microsoft Exchange zero-days – as its hackers continue to target governments, organisations and energy providers around the world. A joint advisory by the US Department for Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security … Read more

A Clubhouse Bug Let People Lurk in Rooms Invisibly

Security researcher Katie Moussouris discovered a bug that could have allowed an attacker to eavesdrop in a Clubhouse room undetected or verbally disrupt a discussion beyond a moderator’s control. The vulnerability could also be exploited with virtually no technical knowledge. To launch the attack, you would first log into your Clubhouse account on Phone A, … Read more

WhatsApp Pink: Watch out for this fake update

Malware sends automated replies to messages on WhatsApp and other major chat apps. The replies link to a malicious website further distributing the malware. The newly-discovered Android nasty was first reported by Twitter user @Rajaharia. It seems to have been first spotted in India, where it was shared in various massive chat groups on popular … Read more