Our team is up for the challenge.

The internet is a very insecure place. Security teams in all verticals do their best to protect against attacks from all levels. We can help your organization create it’s own private encrypted network for collaborative work and communication.

Meet Our Team

  • Don Samoil

    Don Samoil


  • Esther Hiamang

    Esther Hiamang


  • Feron McGurrin

    Feron McGurrin


  • Linda Cox

    Linda Cox

    Sales Manager

  • Paul Monsauret

    Paul Monsauret

    AI / Blockchain Dev

  • Pete Biggam

    Pete Biggam


  • Ray Salazar

    Ray Salazar


CEO - Pete Biggam
Blacksite Solutions, Inc. helps you become secure by becoming invisible.
Blacksite Solutions was fromed in March of 2020 with a goal to provide top tier security products and services to the World. We now provide top technologies and products to help organizations stay secure and ahead of the ever changing information technology landscape.

We have an amazing team of advisors from leaders in academia, government, and military.
We Love open source technology <3
Open source technology runs our digital world and not only do we use it but want to help protect it. Over the past few years we have seen some very large exploits of these technologies due to zero day bugs.

Blacksite secures open source technology utilizing ZTNA in order to keep your applications safe from these types of attacks.
The first ISAO for Startups
The Startup ISAO is currently being stood up to provide startups with tools and resources to stay secure in our digital world. Threat Intelignece from US Gov, tools to help protect your data and create awareness. Membership fees coming shortly.
Giving Back
Our CEO Pete Biggam and COO Don Samoil as well as other employees help guide startups at the Founder Institute. The Foudner Institue is the largest Pre-Seed Accelerator on the planet. Pete is the Co-Director at the San Francisco chapter while Don recently started to the Philadelphia chapter. To find out more or find your local chapter visit Fi.co