#INFOSEC Consulting

Become Invisible. Become Secure. This is the way.


Blacksite Solutions offers Information Security consulting. Our goal is to make your company secure. We work with you to to analyze, interpret, protect and educate your organization to create a plan of action with suggested products or services to plug any holes we find while future proofing you against further attacks.

The Risk Intelligence Report is a company’s first line of defense against cyber threats that target valuable infrastructures, private data, and business operations. By combining the insights and data with a team of cybersecurity experts and consultants, we make sure that your company is fully prepared from a cybersecurity perspective. We believe that each business is unique and require different intelligence data and vulnerability research capabilities.

We know that business decision-makers need reliable tools and services to do their job properly, and when it comes to cybersecurity, things are even more critical. With Cyber Threat tools and the help from our team of cybersecurity experts, CIOs, CISOs and federal chief information security officers can fasten the decision-making process, improve their cyber performance, and proactively combat their businesses’ cyber risks.