Secure your financial communications

Between 2009 and 2020, 3,705 healthcare data breaches of 500 or more records have been reported to the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights. Those breaches have resulted in the loss, theft, exposure, or impermissible disclosure of 268,189,693 healthcare records
Patient trust
Help build patient trust by using secure communication tools to send records, xrays and more. Collaborate with staff remotely and privately in order to protect patient records.
Stop ransomware
As Data Breaches increase there is a need for ZTNA technology in the medical field. This helps the industry as a whole stay safe and secure against life threatening ransomware attacks.
Nation state attacks
As Nations get braver in their attacks on infrastructure, healthcare and more this can cause a loss of life as well as financial ruin for those attacked.

Open source healthcare

Affordable healthcare can start with open source software. Secure that open source software with blacksite ztna tools and your office or hospital can stay secure, protect your patients records and make sure all operations stay operating.