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Whatsapp Accounts Being Hijacked by Hackers

The method relies on the mobile carriers’ automated service to forward calls to a different phone number and WhatsApp’s option to send a one-time password (OTP) verification code via voice call. An attacker needs to convince the victim to make a call to a number that starts with a Man Machine Interface (MMI) code that the mobile carrier set up to enable call forwarding. After they get the OTP code, the attacker can register the victim’s WhatsApp account on their device and enable two-factor authentication.

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Goodwill Ransomware Forcing Donations

Ransomware called GoodWill demands victims donate to social causes and provide financial assistance to people in need. The malware is also notable for sleeping for 722.45 seconds to interfere with dynamic analysis. There are no known victims of the malware and the identity of the threat actor has not been identified yet. GoodWill is similar to HiddenTear, the first ransomware to have been open-sourced as a proof-of-concept (PoC) back in 2015 by a Turkish programmer.

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New York Man Arrested for Role in Carding Group

John Telusma, 37, from New York, was sentenced to four years in prison for selling and using stolen credit cards on the Infraud carding portal operated by the transnational cybercrime organization with the same name. He was one of 36 individuals indicted in February 2018 for alleged roles in Infraud Organization criminal enterprise. Infraud members were responsible for purchasing and selling more than four million stolen credit and debit cards, causing victims actual losses of more than $568 million. The operation was active between October 2010, when it was founded by Svyatoslav Bondarenko (at infraud[.]cc and until February 2018, when Infraud and its portal were taken down following a joint law enforcement operation.

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Smishing: A $44 Billion Dollar Problem

More than 320,000 Americans were targeted by these schemes in 2021, resulting in $44 billion in losses. Consumers on average get an average of 19.5 spam texts per month, over double the rate it was three years ago. These scams often start with a message that includes a link so a supposed survey, prize winnings, or an urgent notification about a bank account or credit card. Victims are then asked to either go to a website, call a phone number, or enter information that is all controlled by the attackers.

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