Building trust while reducing risk

A breach can ruin a law firms reputation and harm their clients if private data is released. A secure way to talk with clients remotely while retaining attorney client privilege.
Protect your liabilities
Protecting your firms data through encryption technologies can prevent a potential attacker from gaining access to client records.
Secure communication
Attorney client privilege has in recent times been tested through the new global pandemic. To protect the health of everyone remotely and securely communicate and collaborate on cases.
Communicate from anywhere
Technology trusted by the US intel communities and it’s global partners gives your firm those same capabilities to securely communicate all over the planet.

Jack Alcantara, J.D.

Chief Investigator Santa Cruz County Public Defenders Office “To operate with the confidence that our communications are private and secure is one less item to worry about...Being connected and able to communicate privately and securely, allowed the team members experience to feel like we are in this together and it has made a huge difference.“