Secure distant and remote collaboration

Secure comms in schools is the future of learning

Remote learning now spans all ages. With Blacksite, you’ll never have to struggle to maintain programs and critical documenation.

How We Help

We’re a strategic partner to bring your school online in the safest ways possible.

Distance Learning

Blacksite Solutions and Gabriel can secure your virtual classrooms from early to childhood to higher education. Covid-19 forced most classes to be held online for the foreseeable future. The pandemic also fundamentally changed the way we educate our students for decades to come. Live learning will return, but electronic learning can and will forever be a part of the education system. Blacksite and Gabriel will keep your classes safe from multiple cyber threats now and in the future.


Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle platforms, Canvas, and Blackboard are critical for assignments, class information, and communication between students and teachers. It is vital that educators can trust student work and communication won’t be lost, hacked, or stolen. Blacksite will keep your online class information secure and safe by integrating with your LMS and even your plagiarism detection tools.

Campus Management Systems

Institutions are under constant threats from hacking. Your Content/Campus Management Systems (CMS) house private and important employee and student information including addresses, payroll, benefits, class schedules and registration, grades, and transcripts. The safety of your faculty, staff and student privacy, income, and education history cannot be taken for granted. Blacksite will keep your CMS safe from the hacking and theft of this critical information.

Device Security

In partnership with Silent Pocket™, Blacksite can keep your devices (laptops, phones and tablets) safe from external hacking scans with backpacks, sleeves, and cases that block hackers from accessing your device directly even when you are not on the network.

Get your business online with blacksite solutions

SDNS or Secure DNS gives your organization a secure domain name (.SCOM/.SNET). Paired with Gabriel Collaboration Suite allows for encrypted and “off grid” communications utilizing your own private internet. Hackers can’t hack what they can’t see.