We help you secure your startup so you can focus on what matters most. Your startup.


startups are hard. Security shouldn’t be.

But you already knew that. Thinking about the IP of your company and sharing it securely should be the least of your worries. We have solutions for startups to make scaling easy.

WE know HOW
startups SCALE

Everyone wants to be a unicorn, but to get that you’re going to need to protect your data and IP. Thinking about security at the beggining will save you from costly lawsuits.


Financial security is needed more then ever as our planets economy ebbs and flows. Protect your business from outside attacks with SDNS & Gabriel Collaboration Suite.

security as a service
to help you grow

Our team has many years of combined entrepreneurship knowledge. We want you to succeed in your dreams, securely. Our startup package gives you the tools you need to scale.


We <3 Open Source

We have used, tested, bought, tried, and put through the ringer almost all the platforms available to startups these days. We have found a few that just work perfectly paired with ZTNA so your startup is protected and can focus on building your company with a solid foundation. Security first and educating yourself and others on best practices can help your startup thrive.


Startup Stack

We have created a simple application to get you on your way to scaling your company. We start with Ubuntu and you pick your cloud provider and from a selection of open source repos. We sprinkle some ZTNA on it and your company is protected and ready to focus on building.