A connected city needs to be security oriented to create safe enviornment.


Specializing in Large Scale Land Development Projects

We want to be your dedicated IT Partner. From developing organization intranets and portals to creating customized workflows that allow you to efficiently manage and operate your project’s complex processes, we can do it all.

Land Use Entitlement Services

With over 15+ years of specialized entitlement and development processing experience, we combine both public and private sector experience to expeditiously obtain project approvals and achieve your development objectives.


Our team has the ability to act as a designated representative for both private and public agencies.  We pride ourselves in becoming a vital member of our client’s team and excel in building relationships and working closely with City officials, departments, outside consultants, subcontractors and public agencies at the local, regional, and state level.


There is still plenty to do once construction of your project is complete. We can provide all post construction processing resulting in your municipality’s final acceptance and opening of your project.


Cloud Infrastructure Security Solutions

Securing all your company’s data, communications and systems on-premise, at remote locations and in private and public clouds. With regular backups, easy restore capabilities and advanced technology which prevent malware and ransomware attacks, you can rest assured knowing your data is protected.