War Room and VirnetX one have just launched.

Blacksite Solutions worked directly with VirnetX (NYSE:VHC) to help develop these amazing new products using cutting edge Zero Trust Network Architecture and VirnetX’s unique secure domain technology (SDNS).

War Room allows you the ability host private and secure virtual collaboration sessions with ease. In today’s remote work environments due to COVID-19 and the new economic security has become a major hurdle. How do you allow your employees into meetings or files and protect that intellectual property from outsiders?

VirnetX One is that solution combined with War Room, they give you the ability to let those you trust in and keep all others out. Have a complete overview of the devices and users in your network. Using MIM detection to prevent potential intrusions, dynamic IP addressing, and others unique to VirnetX patents to protect your data against threats.

Blacksite Solutions combines this amazing technology with our other partner’s tech to bring you new products to fit your needs. Stay Off-grid completely with SLNT faraday gear, or a NetNinja Blacksite Edition. Get your startup mobile and secure with Zero Trust Architecture and portable mobile coms.

While War Room protects your meetings, the VirnetX One Platform keeps your applications secure while only allowing those you trust in. Remote work looks like it’s here to stay how will you protect your organization against emerging threats? A security-first mindset.

So Become Invisible and Become Secure with Blacksite Solutions.